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Tarbeev Anton [30.04.1969]

Actor of the Russian State Circus, performing with "DIABOLO JUGGLING WITH UNICYCLE EQUILIBRE". Was born in family of professional circus actors. Mother Tarbeeva Galina ("contortion") father Glozman Valeri (“comic acrobat”), at present moment work in Russian State Circus Company “ROSGOSCIRK”

EDUCATION: 1984-1988 State school of Circus Art in Moscow. The diploma-Actor of the Circus and Variety show. 1992-1997 Russian Academy of Theatrical Art in Moscow The diploma-Circus producer


2006 8 St.Galler Weihnachtzirkus by Circus “Geschwister Gasser”

2006 Italia-Tunisia

2005-2006 European Circus FestivalLiege Belgium

2005England “Cottle & Austen Electric circus

2004-2005 Italy “Circo do Brasil” & TV-”Golden Circus”

2004 France “Cirque Kino’s”

2003-2004 Holland “Groot Kerstcircus Den Haag”

2003 Germany Circus “R &P Althoff”

2002-2003 Germany “Giessen Weihnachtcircus”

2002 Germany Zirkus “Charles Knie”

2001 France "Cirque Kino's"

2000-2001 Germany Bonnier Weihnachtscircus "Rene & Patricia Althoft”

2000 Belgium "Circus Arcadia”

2000 Switzerland "Circus Medrano”

1999-2000 Holland "Wintercircus Apeldoorn"

1999 Belgium Family Park "Boddejaanland"

1999 UAE "Sharjah Ramadan Festival"

1998 Germany "Circus Busch-Roland"

1998 Germany "Circus Sarrassani"

1998 Oman "Festival of the Arabian countries"

1997 Lithuania "Baltijos circus" tour.

1996 Slovenia "Casino Princess".

1995 India "Festival of the Russian Culture"

1995 Japan tour by "Moscow state circus".

1994 Norway "Fantasy tour by Russian circus"

1993 Lebanon tour by "Moscow state circus".

1992 Italy TV-show in Milan.

1992 ALL-UNION competition of the circus actors (USSR) The special diploma.

1991-1992 Japan tour by “Leningrad Circus”.

1990 Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Southern Korea with the "Moscow State Circus"


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